Truth to yourself

Oh Kelali! Is the home of the free, succulent and wild woman that resides within all of us.

If you arrived to this website is, probably, because you are a searcher, because you want to take care of yourself more and better, because you want to find the source of unconditional love to yourself that is inside of you.

I’m here to accompany you through a way of infinite possibilities, joy, play and connection with your truth.

As a starting point, I would like to introduce you to the world of succulence, a simple concept that is complex at the same time, full of intertwined layers that form a life philosophy and are the foundation of all the services I offer through this platform.

Succulence is enjoying the worldly pleasures and living in a conscious and spiritual way.

You are succulent because you are yourself.


Movement and connection to our breath are the doors to our inner self and to feeling the connection with the world around us. Practicing yoga asanas (yoga postures) we inhabit the body to reach the soul.

The yoga practice turns me to myself and my desire is to share this tool with the people who come to my classes or retreats so they also can feel this sensation of “something has happened” after the practice.

This is healing movement, transformative movement, movement of going back home, juicy movement.

Images that tell stories

We approach the body and image to reach our inner selves. Oftentimes, it is through an external point of view how we can awake new sensations on us.

With my photo sessions I want you to feel powerful and beautiful, and that you live an authentic experience of self love. We will walk around your favorite spots or I will show you mine, we can also meet in your studio or working space if there is where you feel completely yourself…

The photographies will be your inspiration to listen to yourself, know yourself better and reflect about your discoveries.

Instead of trusting in an external element, a guru or symbols that don’t belong to you, you will be your own master and guide.