About me

I’m Ana and I think that’s the only thing I knew that had to be a part of my presentation… defining myself is not one of my strengths…I was born in Spain and arrived to Paris in May 2017 after some years living in different countries and cities.  I am a yoga practitioner and one of my passions and dreams is to share it with the world ( I will do it from this platform and I also do it through the Sierra Leone Yoga Project). I also like to take photos, I love to observe people and the world around me and to capture beauty or unique moments. 

Some years ago I started connecting deeply with my femininity, my cycles, the moon and my power as a female individual in this planet. I consider myself as a multipotentialite and multipassionate, that’s why it’s so hard for me to define myself. That’s why I like so much changes, that’s why I develop my own projects, that’s why I started creating this fusion of creativity, spirituality and joy called Oh Kelali! that I hope that provides the future users as many good things as it has provided to me already. 


Ask me anything! Send me an e-mail to ohkelali@gmail.com