Online group yoga classes

These yoga classes online are created for people that need some guidance while practicing at home and feeling the group energy. When you register to the class I will contact you in order to know if these classes are appropriate for you or if you need to check my private classes online. 

How to register? Simply write me an e-mail to telling me which class or classes interest you. I will contact you back to do a follow-up (after your first class the process will be faster, but for the first class I will need to know more for you, we have to keep the practice safe!)

What to expect? A 1 hour active practice in which wewill do Sun Salutations, standing postures, a few sitting postures, a closing and a relaxation. I will check on all the participants through video.

What do I need? Some space to practice, a laptop, phone or tablet with internet connection and a yoga mat.

What’s the cost? 5€ that will be payed by PayPal or bank transfer before the class.




Ask me anything! Send me an e-mail to