A playlist for Savasana.

Savasana, is the final posture of the  sana practice or yoga postures, the posture of letting go, of relaxation.  For many people it is the most anticipated posture of the practice (you can finally rest!), but for others it is very difficult to let go, let...

Una playlist para Savasana.

La relajación final o savasana en la práctica de yoga es tan importante como el resto de práctica. Hoy comparto contigo una playlist para que te dejes llevar.

Reasons to practice yoga online

With the Coronavirus crisis, we have adapted to doing more things at home, that does not mean that it will always be the case, but it is true that, as the offer of online activities expands, many people who previously did not have access to these activities have been...

Motivos por los que practicar yoga online

Las clases de yoga online son una manera de acercar el yoga a cualquier parte del mundo y pueden ser una manera de cuidarnos reduciendo el stress de movernos de un lugar a otro.